If you know and want to recommend a local business that works with top Realtors, please email us at admin@GreaterATLRP.com with the subject line “Partner Nominee: (Name of Business).” Please explain why you are recommending them and their contact info.

Anyone listed as a “preferred partner” in the front of the magazine is part of this community. They will have an ad in every issue of the magazine, be allowed to attend our events, and be part of our online community. We do not just find these businesses off the street, nor do we work with all businesses that approach us. One or many of you have personally referred every single preferred partner you see in here, which also means they know how to work well with top producers. We will not even take a meeting with a business that has not been vetted by one of you and “stamped for approval,” in a sense. Our goal is to create a powerhouse network not only of the best Realtors in the area but the best affiliates as well, so we can all grow stronger together.

If you are interested in writing an article to give back to the Greater Atlanta Real Producers community, please email us at admin@GreaterATLRP.com. Even if you do not consider yourself a prolific writer but have great ideas to share, let’s talk!

Zero, zilch, zippo, nada, nil. It cost nothing, my friends, so nominate away! The is not a pay-to-play model whatsoever.

It’s really simple – every feature you see has first been nominated. You can nominate other Realtors (or yourself!), affiliates, brokers or owners, and office leaders can nominate Realtors as well. We will consider anyone brought to our attention because we do not know everyone’s stories, so we need your help to learn about them. You can nominate a Realtor here on our website or email us at admin@greateratlrp.com. The next step is an interview with us to ensure it’s a good fit. If all works out, then we put the wheels in motion, connect the writer and photographers and produce the article.

The top 500 agents/teams of Greater Atlanta and our partners. We sent to the major cities around Atlanta, stretching from the tip of Cumming out to the edges of Conyers and Mableton, down to Fayette County, and everywhere in between. Based on volume. We are continuously updating the list.

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