About RP

Who We Are

Our mission is to create a more “communal feel” among the top 500 (top 5%) of producing Realtors/teams and the best local service providers in Greater Atlanta by publishing a monthly communal publication and hosting social events throughout the year. We aim to inform & inspire agents to take more action in building relationships their business & communities while providing a platform to connect with like-minded affiliates who can support their growth.

Our Strategy

By connecting Greater Atlanta’s top 500 Realtors to 1.) other top agents/teams and 2.) to quality/ethical industry providers, we can continue to grow and be one of the nation’s leading markets for real estate transactions.

We keep the agent articles free, and simply go based on nominations to feature an agent; keeping the publication ethical and not a pay-to-play. This way the reader can simply enjoy the stories and insights into each Realtor’s life.

Each industry service partner must be endorsed by an agent in the top 500 and interviewed. Through our detailed vetting process, we ensure that all our industry partners provide ethical and quality services while already possessing the experience necessary for working with top producing agents and their lifestyle.


Staff With Bios

Anthony MercerAnthony Mercer


Opening up his first business at 19, Anthony has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He is now the owner and publisher of Greater Atlanta Real Producers and runs a successful client retention business, Sharp Retention. When he is not supporting the real estate community, Anthony is supporting is growing family in Marietta. He is a husband to his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and a new father to his son, Brendan…and his bernedoodle, Max. In his free time, you can find him spending time at church, ballroom dancing, traveling, hiking, and sports.

Alexandra SantosAlexandra SantosPhotographer

Alexandra Santos is the owner and principal photographer for Allie Santos Photography. Alexandra studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 2016. Upon graduating, Alexandra joined VantagePoint3D, a Real Estate Marketing company as a 3D photographer. She specializes in 3D tours and still photography for residential and commercial properties. In conjunction with her Real Estate photography, Alexandra founded Allie Santos Photography, a private portrait photography company in 2016. She uses a mixture of studio and natural light to achieve her signature style and has photographed a number of people from engagements to family, to headshots. Having grown up in the CNN Newsroom with her father, Alexandra has always had a love for digital media and enjoys seeing the world though a lens. She has been living in the Atlanta area for over 25 years and has an extensive knowledge of the surrounding area and the best shoot locations. Alexandra enjoys her high-rise apartment in Dunwoody, GA where she spends time with her friends, family and Siberian cat, Binx- a regular photography client!

Chris MenezesChris Menezes

Chris Menezes is a writer and educator in California, where he lives with his wife, Jennifer, and chocolate lab, Riley. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from CSU Long Beach and an MFA in Poetry from Converse College. Chris has published in literary journals and magazines throughout the country. He loves to surf, play music, travel, hang out with friends and family, and of course, write in his spare time.

Kenikki PhotographyKenikki Photography

Kenikki Photography is a collaboration of the talents of Ken Insley and Nikki Haslett. A Virginia native Ken started his photography career in 1987 while modeling and working with top fashion photographers in the US and abroad. Nikki was raised in South Africa and it was through her Mum, a talented artist, that she developed a deep passion for and interest in photography. She has resided in the USA for 18 years and gained her American Citizenship in 2011. Sharing their mutual love of photography Kenikki allows them to work together creatively, blend their respective styles and pursue their passion.